Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Care free baby(months)

My first stage of growth :Our typical B-lacking baby living with no regrets, complexity,no worries,no fear no preconceived notions about our world and everyone in it.When they trust they trust completely.  just simply carfree.We all could  sitback and observe take some notes from a baby!
Driven by insatiable curiosity,They live on smelling, tasting, hearing, touching their way through our world. They jump higher, ride faster and live out loud. They run and skip and hop and laugh and squeal with delight. Anytime. Anywhere.
   We all were once that carefree .Now im not saying we should all just run around with no care for anything but to lighten up a bit on ourselves.With this said i made a promise to myself i will start to use this as a reminder on a everyday basis i will not let what ifs, Im not sures, control the limit of my way of thinking and my dreams id live baby if you will and go for every opportuity that passes my way

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